What is Monitor? What are the types of monitors?

Hello friends, how are you guys, hope you are doing well. Through this article, we are going to give you some information related to the monitor. Friends, I hope that this information will help you, so let’s see what is the monitor? Friends, if you also want to know what is a monitor? And how many types? And what are its functions?

As we know that computer consists of many different parts. And different parts of the computer have different functions. Therefore, one of the very important parts of the computer is the monitor. So today, through this article, we will give you complete information about what is a monitor and how many types of monitors are there and what is the function of the monitor.

What is Monitor?

Friends, if we talk about the monitor, then it is an output device, the monitor is a very important part of the computer. It can also be said that without a computer it is incomplete. It is known as VDU Visual Display Unit, it looks like a TV. But TV and it have a lot of disparities.

We do the work of seeing and reading whatever instructions are given by the computer with the help of monitor. If we talk in simple words, then the monitor helps us to communicate with the computer. We can see the color data and graphics given by the computer only with the help of monitor.

Monitor Functions

Friends, if we talk about the functions of the monitor, then friends, the data is given by the computer. To bring that data to the user, take the help of the monitor. That is, the task of transmitting the data to the user is the monitor.

The monitor also performs the task of showing the processed information on the screen from the computer’s video card. By seeing the interface that is on the screen, the users can give the next data to the monitor.
If there is no monitor, then we will not be able to see the data being created in the CPU because delete can be written only with the help of monitor.

Friends, for the information of you people, let me tell you that the development of the monitor was not done with the computer. Rather, it happened later. When there was no monitor, data was given to the computer with the help of data punch card. And the instructions were read only with the help of punch cards.

Monitor Type

Although there are many types of monitors, but here we will talk about three major monitors.

CRT Monitor

Initially this monitor was developed. Or used to show pictures in black and white. And it depended on the cathode ray tube itself.

LCD monitor

LCD monitor is the most commonly used monitor. Or makes the image with the help of crystal. Its work is very good.

LED Monitor This monitor comes in the latest category. Or light in weight and do not heat up quickly. And it creates a very good image.


Friends, through this article, we learned about the monitor. Learn about its types. Which are going to be very helpful for us in future. Friends, how did you like this article, you will definitely tell by commenting, see you with a new article till then thank you.

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