How to Earn Money on Instagram with a Fitness Page?

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It’s true and today, I’ll show you how to interact and make money through Instagram by launching your own Weight Lossor Gym Page and gaining millions of followers. This can help you get additional promotions, and boost your income.

How to Earn Money on Instagram with a Fitness Page?

Instagram is the second most-popular social media site. A lot of us enjoy watching Instagram Reel Videos and uploading funny memes, but today we’re going to create an exercise Instagram Page. Are you curious about learning more about how? Read through the steps given.

Step 1. The first step is to find numerous fitness/gymnastic videos. To do this we’ll make use of YouTube and simply type in Gym Videos, the exact URL is below.


Step 2. Since the video we’ve took is only in Video format, it’s best to utilize Canva’s Canva website to convert it into a striking Fitness Video. Visit the Canva website that is directly linked below.

Website Link:

Step 3. Choose the affiliate-marketing platform like Digistore24 and search for items that are affiliate-linked to your specialization for example, Weight Loss advice.

Website Link:

Step 4. When you’ve selected the 3,4 product, visit Link.tree. Link.tree website and sign up. Once you’ve signed up, begin copying affiliate links to create an HTML0 link you can incorporate into the bio of your Instagram bio.

Site Link www.Link.tree

Step 5: Then, finally we have to post these videos on the Gym and Fitness Page, by using Gym relevant tags. You should also be posting at least 3-5 Health-related videos on your Instagram Page on a daily basis.


This is an amazing Instagram income-generating strategy I’ve used for a while If you put in the effort and upload five Health relevant videos to your Instagram page each day, I guarantee that you’ll be making more than $20k per month in less than 6 months.

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