How to Earn Money by starting Lofi Music website for free?

Hello friends, now in this article, I will discuss with you about how to make a Lofi Music website and earn money with it.

Friends, in today’s era, many people like to listen to Lofi Songs because if we convert any original music into Lofi, it is really good to hear songs.

How to create a website for Lofi Music for free?

Friends, most people use to create a website or develop their website on WordPress by buying the domain and hosting, but in today’s post, I will teach you How to create a free Lofi Music Downloading website in Google Sites.

Url Shortner website Link:

How to Earn Money by starting Lofi Music website for free?

Step 1: You must open Youtube and search for Lofi Music. Then you have to go to any of Lofi Music’s YouTube channels and copy the URL of their video and thumbnail of those videos you can download from the Youtube Thumbnail Downloader website, which is The link we have shared with you.

Website Link: Youtube thumbnail Downloader

Step 2: Now I am providing you the link of this Youtube video to an MP3 downloader website, on which you may download YouTube videos in MP3 format.

Website Link: YouTube Video to Mp3 Converter

Step 3: No where will you upload that lofi song? This question must have arrived into your head, and then for this, we will use the Mediafire website. Open the Mediafire website and click on the register button to create your account, then upload the recently downloaded lofi music.

Website Link:

Step 4: You will get the URL of Mediafire and shorten the link with the help of URL Shortner, and we are using URL Shortx Shortner so that when any visitor visits our website on Google Sites if someone downloads Lofi Music from our website, then we Get paid for that download.

Website Link:

Step 5: The turn will conclude the stage where we must create a Lofi Music downloader website on Google Sites. I have told in depth how to build a website on Google sites in my video, so you must watch that youtube video.


Friends, I hope that after reading this post completely, you must have understood how to create the Lofi Music website on Google sites and earn money with the help of Url Shortner.

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